V update

Getting close to finishing the 2nd season of “V”, which comes back on to ABC in January. Had a good scene with the very talented Morris Chestnut today. Great guy, great actor. Always such a pleasure.


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  1. Oh that sounds so interesting.!! I hope both of you are still fifth column and have not turned. I can’t wait for it to come back.

  2. heh now in jan when it comes back (hopefully with the uk not too far behind ^^) i will be waiting to see which episode it is 😀

  3. Boy Mark if no one has told you that one song you have “LOVE WILL MAKE IT CERTAIN”? Man my I only wished I hadn`t off sold MY OWN keyboard. But you KEEP on writing, and CREATING.. See thats what its ALL about. Don`t ever BECOME stagnant… then you`ll miss out. Course I`m sure I`m going to get a “response” from this.. You all have a nice night.

  4. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the new season … I am sure its going to rock! Keep it up!

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