Know thyself

A sense of solidity comes from knowing who you are. If you can help someone know themselves, that is the greatest gift you can give a person.

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  1. You can spend all your life to try know yourself there is no chance to know someone else so well to help them know themselves but maybe I’m just pessimist

  2. Know thyself, live and let live ! We all have our own path, in ourselves, that leads our own evolution. Know yourself by yourself and you will know what is it for. (And accept uppercase chars in your blog ! ;*) )
    Be an example of a naturally well self driven mind and fate, be a source for inspiration. So you can help people and, who knows, impacting the evolution of mankind.

  3. “…impacting the evolution…” -> “…impact the evolution…”

    sorry for my poor english !

  4. It’s very true, knowledge is a master key. And as a part of the bigger picture, self-knowledge is important. It *do* may help to break the reasons that keep you in a loop.
    But… but… but…

    I doubt this is the greatest gift. I’m an old school person and still think that love is the greatest gift, not knowledge.

    And one more important thing: sometimes we need just stop thinking and digging and drilling down, and simply trust, and feel, and be happy.

    (What a pathetic I am :))

  5. not sure i agree
    if someone offered me the choice between knowing who i am or an iphone think i would choose the iphone 😉

    that said if you dont know yourself how can you know anyone else on the planet?
    Possibly i got abit confuzzled there. Will think on it 🙂

  6. hmm…i’ve got a question. do you Mark really know yourself?? to the end really ?? do you understand choices you maid in your life, all your choices, are they really your choices or just reflection of somebodies expectations of your life?? would you answeron my question?? please

  7. kids act like themselves, even when they don’t know themseleves
    as they grow up, they have to learn to not act like themselves
    then, as they mature, they have to learn to act like they aren’t not acting like themselves

    in the end, who’s possibly ever gonna see through all that? ;D

  8. wow… interesting topic…
    I think the only true gift to the world is to be ourselves and true to who we are.. after all, that’s the journey, to xperience, to play…
    and if we remember.. “We are all One”. So, if we heal our soul, we heal the “One”… and so…
    Knowing yourselves is part of the path of yhe life you choose to live, so… let’s share de love of life, of music, of experience…
    and kisses and hugh to you all.
    Greeting from the Chile!

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