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  1. Awesome! It’s a little bit sad how you answered to Lisa XD she was shocked ahaha!
    I didn’t understand all of what I’ve heard (I’m not of English language) so to me was not clear if “remember-nothing” is a luck or not…
    And finally I hope the fifth column will bring back its best ally :D!

  2. Not enough of Joshua, you and Laura (Lisa) make a great team. I hope you are more involved in the next episodes,just don’t go to the dark side…

  3. It could be interesting to see him on the evil side lol :D. I still keep on thinking that there’s too much suspense about Joshua… should we expect surprises? 😀

  4. Oh the yumminess that is Joshua. Mercy me. Not enough of Joshua but I’m a little bit biased as he is my favourite character for many many reasons (good and bad).
    I loved how most of the character’s storylines jumped right into decent, credible stories, instead of dragging them out like in the first season.
    The only unbelievable part in the episode is when erica and tyler stood under the shelter to not get red-rained on, and no one else thought to take shelter too? The rest stood there and got wet. It wasn’t llike there wasn’t any room.
    I just bought the original series of V last week so i almost lost my mind during the opening credits and saw that jane badler was a guest star, as she is the original v series queen, and like the queen, the director saved the best for the end of the episode like introducing joshua again. What a pleasant surprise.
    like a v lizard would look at me, i give my most salacious slurp to you mark. great job on the premiere of V.

  5. I was surprised that Anna knew of Joshua’s revival. I had thought, at the season 1 climax, that perhaps Marcus was secretly 5th column, and that he was secretly reviving you.
    Perhaps Joshua’s memory loss was selectively induced by Marcus to protect them both, particularly as Joshua remembers Lisa.
    It’s good to see you back, Mark. Albeit ever so briefly in the premier. :o)

  6. Awesome! love the complexity of Anna’s character, and the new members of 5th column also sound interesting. about joshua, I think he’s just pretending not to remember …

    after such a long wait, I really enjoyed watching V again. Although I don’t understand at all why the ratings weren’t as good as expected! what more do people want?!! I hope that changes soon enough …

  7. I spent most of the episode really worried for Joshua — and then yelling at the surprise guest in the bowels of the ship.

    Nice to have “V” back.


  8. I missed it!!! Your character is my fav and Morris Chestnut’s Ryan ( who can forget about Ricky, Boyz n tha Hood!)Wonderful for you guys to come back even though its been pushed to January. I hope Joshua snaps back and see a different side to him.

  9. Mark, you’re a good guy, you’re a person and you don’t have to feel guilty for what’s going on…

  10. My husband and I are glad to see your character back on V. We both were quite shocked when you got killed last season and disappointed! Your character and Anna’s character are our favorites and are definitely the strongest and best played characters on the show in our opinions.

  11. I’m actually a fan from china, first knew you from the “V”. Just want you to know that you have a lot of fans in China too.Besides, I really like your music and your voice.

  12. We watched the Premier last night – AWESOME cant wait for the next episode glad your back Joshua.. Great to see the Old Diana, brings me back to my younger years!!

  13. I think it was the best chapter of the show, but you only had few words with Lisa… I hope Joshua won’t follow Anna’s orders.

  14. Visitors a unique serial which I watch with special pleasure. Very interesting! as to the first series of the second season:I noticed a film mistake:Anna has killed one of captains, her face was in blood, but in a following frame on her face already there is no blood. Tyler lacks in character, mother’s son, any heroic deeds, only also can what calls his mum for help and makes love with Lisa, Tyler looks like worthless person. To me it was not clear,has joshua a selective amnesia? does he rememeber on whose party he was? Joshya very brave,kind and vivid hero, seems to me what even Lisa likes him more than Tyler as and me:)I very like Joshya! Excuse me for my bad english:)

  15. It was awesome!!!
    Every part, even soshua memory loss… All I hope he get’s soon out of that ship…
    I wander what’s going on with the “fifth column” in other parts of the world… I mean, regarding humans and V’s…
    Can’t wait for next episode…!!
    (this is from someone who saw the first season in four days jojojo)
    but the greatest intrigue… DIANA!!!! ahhhh!!!
    P.S.: chapter with spanish subtitles via cuevana.tv

  16. beautiful series, beautiful actors…

    I don’t like the slow plot of V inherited from its old ancestor, but at least there is enough time to enjoy the beauty 🙂

  17. Sorry didn’t get to see it (now I feel depressed)
    Will you ever remember anything and be against
    Anna,with fifth colum again
    “Long live fifth column” Georgie
    Sorry Mark my sister is mad at you for killing
    Her Georgie (she doesn’t get he asked for it)
    Crossing my fingers you come back to 5th colum

  18. I was sooooo sad when they killed Joshua in season 1 because
    1. Joshua was my favorite character
    2. Joshua (Mark Hildreth) is so gorgeous!

    But then, he was revived 😀 soooo much joy!! and now that he is back to the dark V side, i think its going to be amazing!!

  19. awesome!!!
    my friends and i realy like u,like V。we r the chinese fans of american tv show,my english isnt well,im so exciting,god bless u and god bless V!!!

  20. hi Mark, me again

    I was wondering, if V series is supposed to be more independent project or it will follow the old plot, at least in general. It would be very interesting thing to know. Of course, if you’re not bind by any obligations to keep it as a secret.

    One more question is rather personal: why do you send posts only to your blog? don’t you want to answer the comments of people here? it could make communication more vivid

  21. Cool series, including Season 2! Looked just the first series of season 2, because in Russia it is only translated into Russian. You’re cool, listen to your songs are great, too!

  22. mark, you are such a tease – you know there are people such as feathers and myself who wont be seeing the new series for a couple of weeks. i know you must be excited about the first episode of season 2 but it does mean i have to avoide your website for a while – otherwise i am too tempted to read what people have said. congrats though.

  23. I’m bummed… My hubby and I love “V”, but we missed the first episode of season 2. We figured we’d just catch up online like we did a few times during season one. Today was going to be our “V” catch-up day, but we discovered that ABC isn’t carrying the full episodes on the “V” website!! This sucks!! Does the network want this show to fail??

  24. Looked at 2 and 3 series 2 season. I wonder if the memory back Joshua. Joshua’s such an interesting character, I would like him to pay more attention. Mark – you’re the best.

  25. would love to see more of you in these! it’s a really good show. my only other bummer in all this is that i don’t have cable or satellite anymore, and abc has stopped posting full episodes on the site. so now I’m forced to use devious means, just to keep on watching. Anyway, I really enjoy the show–it’s the only one I bother to watch.

  26. I love you mark!! I come from China, and there are many of fans who love both you and V!

    We concentrate on V because it’s fantastic actors and actress,your performance is very very good,especially you~

    We look forward to seeing V’s ending,and we will love you all the time in China!!!

  27. Джошуа мой любимый персонаж, как жаль, что в этом сезоне он так редко появляется. Но я очень рада , что он жив! Марк вы великолепны!

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