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  1. Hello Mark,
    I was fan of the first “minisérie” in 80′.
    I’m now fan of this new version.
    The first season was so great, so I was afraid for the second. What with Joshua especially, I must say.
    And…many informations about visitors presence on earth (that’s great) but not enough of Joshua (that’s no great!)!
    I have already seen only the episodes 1 to 7, so after ???? Perhaps more of Joshua, and will he remember his past? I hope so…
    fan from France (sorry for bad english..)

  2. its starting in the uk on 23rd/24th March on Syfy so will have to say then but from all the stuff i’ve read on V-Wiki (and the stuff that’s been on the V facebook group and the little pre-showing clips they’ve been sticking in the middle of season 1 on syfy) – does look very good 🙂

  3. I love the show. I think this season is better than the first. It seems just when you think you’ve figured something out, there is a twist. Great job on the show, and your voice is great!

  4. i was a big fan of the show since the beginning, but i couldn’t ignore some weak points. for instance, some of the characters were kinda shallow and not well explained (like tyler, lisa, …) and also some episodes weren’t as strong and exciting as i expected. but the second season has bean really great, especially after the few last episodes, i have to say i’m really impressed.

    looove the new turn of events specially about 5th column; new members and new strategies and all the new information about what happened years ago. it’s all starting to make sense all of a sudden. hope giving depth to the characters and events doesn’t stop now.

    again sorry about my poor english >_<

  5. I think that this season has done really well. You have done a great job as Joshua. I hope to see more of your character and how it develops in future episodes. I also hope you enjoy playing Joshua. Every episode is epic!

  6. I love it and hope that ABC will renew for a third season. Please keep us update. Also love the fact that I’m seeing more of Joshua for the last couple of episodes…hope he recovers his memories. Love you Mark and keep up the good work on both your singing and acting career.

  7. Joshua losts his memory, and i hope he could remember everything to help 5th column; but it shows us both sides of joshua (before and after he joined 5th column).

    Love this show

  8. I’m following the series in the internet, and I agre… the twists are great!
    though I think too there are some weak point and some “aspects” there haven’t been considered in a situation like it, but, I’m intrigued about what’s going on…
    and.. what about Marcus??? XD

  9. It’s ok but you’re barely in any of the scenes 😛 Except for more recent episodes but honestly I don’t like the way the writers changed your character. The whole amnesia plotline is…..I don’t know.

  10. So I’m rather disappointed with what they’ve (the writers) done to your character, Mark. You had great personality in season 1 and you were a fighter. A real rebel fighting Anna from within Now you have no personality and I feel they are underutilizing your potential as an actor.

  11. Oh, and I’m an idiot and didn’t mean to hit the submit button. It sucks that the show is getting good now and it’s probably too little too late sort of deal.

    On another front, COME TO BOSTON for a show!

  12. i love this show. You, morena baccarin and laura vandervoort are all amazing in your parts. They should make Joshua a main character. I like what they’ve done with your character it is interesting where the writers intend for it to go. I think Joshua should refind emotion and he and lisa should be invovled. You and laura are amazing in scenes together and it would be a crime if your charcters were not romantically involved.
    I’ve seen video of some of your interviews and i love the way that you look at life and that you live your life with so much passion. That’s a great way to live life and i respect it a lot.

  13. So, spoiler for tonight’s episode but of course they make things super interesting right at the end. My faith in the writers have been slightly renewed. Now I just have to pray for a 3rd season.

  14. Let’s just say, I am so glad Joshua is back. I wasn’t liking your character as much this season, but glad things have changed with the last episode.

    Any word on if there will be a season 3?

  15. I love the second season! I thought the first season was great as well. I tend to have more patience than most for things to build up and I have not been disappointed. My mother, husband, and I watch it religiously. You all are doing such a wonderful job! I’m already looking forward to season 3!

  16. hi mark! i think that the second season is so amazing. i really like v. but here in brazil, fans of v are concerned about the 3rd season. hope we have good news. we are waiting v 3rd season!
    about joshua, i loved when he remember his past on the 5th column

  17. Ikr! I was so happy to see that.
    The funny thing was when Lisa gave Erica and Hobbes
    the blue energy I knew that Ryan was stalking them
    So I said it and my little sister was all like how did you know that. The preview for the next one was the part that confused me a little. Not all that much tho*_^

  18. Mark, any chance you’ll be heading back to Eureka at all in the future? I have to say your episode in season 3 was one of my favorites.

  19. OMG! Tonight’s finale was awesome and I will be extremely NOT of peace if it gets cancelled. You hear that ABC? I WILL NOT BE OF PEACE! And if we get a 3rd year, Mark I hope you have much continuing employment.

  20. Mark..Season 2 finale was fantastic..ehat a punch packed into 1 episode! 3 dead and all the earthlings blissed..kewl! I also didn’t know you were a singer/musician and I love your voice and music! Keep up the good work and yeah..V Season 3 – you hear that ABC?

  21. V is awesome!!! I love your character. I wish they would give you more air time. Praying for a 3rd season.

  22. Hi Mark! Just wanted to say that I saw last night’s episode of V and it was really great! I loved how the cast of the original V are being used in the series. I agree with Sarah B in that ABC had better sign you all on for another season or I will not be of peace. I will go Red Sky on ABC if they take this series away. I don’t watch television usually, but this is great. Keep up the good work, and I certainly hope that there will be another season.

  23. wow! was a great finale for the season…
    … I’ve always wander if the bliss on humans would work on people with a high level of awareness or conciousness, and in shamans, monks, clairvoyant, etc…

    well, just a thought

  24. XD

    yeah.. wandering from season one about who they would see Anna’s aura…
    and how it would see Joshua’s conection to Mother Earth…
    if you have ideas, please comment!!!!

  25. Keep up with the good work. Season 2 was awesome and I look forward to a even better season 3.

  26. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about how the season ended, except that I’m relieved many of my favorite characters survived, including Joshua. I heard the number of episodes got trimmed down from what it was supposed to be, so I feel like towards the ends things were very rushed. And I seriously hope there’ll be a third season. I think it’ll be awesome.

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