Mark Hildreth LIVE at the House Of Blues LA!

I will be appearing live at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles, California on March 10 at 10:00pm. This will be an intimate solo performance, during which I’ll play songs from both my current and upcoming albums. Some songs will be played live at this show for the very first time!

Mark Hildreth LIVE at the House Of Blues LA

House of Blues – Foundation VIP room
8430 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA
10:00pm – 12:00am
Tickets: $10 at the door

16 Replies to “Mark Hildreth LIVE at the House Of Blues LA!”

  1. Марк, с наступлением весны вас! Удачи и успехов в творчестве! Ваши песни незабываемые и чудесные!

  2. Wow! I hope you will put your videos of the show on your youtube channel for who cannot attend (:
    And Alisa wishes you good luck and says that your songs are wonderful (:

  3. i wish i could be there, unfortunately, I am in another country now. Is there any chance we could have your photos or videos on the website?

    Wish you all the best and good luck in the show on March 10th.

  4. Я бы тоже хотела, что бы здесь выложили видео с выступлением. Я живу в России, так что и в этой стране есть Ваши поклонники.

  5. I’d really enjoy being a part of that, but Columbus, OH is a long way from LA. I purchased/downloaded your CD last summer and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done and thank you for sharing your vocal and lyrical talents with us. I hope the House of Blues appearance is a great success!

  6. How do you feel about the east coast? Why don’t you come play the HOB in Boston! There’s a great little italian bakery in the north end I’d recommend for pre-concert snackage.

  7. i really wish i could make it down to los angeles…but we don’t have the means to travel down south from sacramento…maybe one day you’d come to sacramento, california…it’s a laid back city…and down to earth…but anyhow…i hope you have a great show at the house of blues…mark…

  8. I suppose you did great!
    Can’t wait to here your new songs
    even if there not in the genre of music I listen to
    I listen to stuff from Joe Cocker,Slipknot,Chevelle, the strokes,the killers,Nivana,all the way to radiohead!
    but your still good*_^

  9. Love your music – just bought the album.
    When is your next show?
    Do you ever come to San Diego?

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