Here’s a live show to make up for it!

Sorry for the confusion on Gig dates, will be confirmed soon. For now, here’s a link to a live studio version of Magic Spell!

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  1. I really like that song, even though Siddhartha is the one that is usually playing as background music in my life at this moment. 🙂

  2. I commented on youtube Mark. “robertrka”…
    ahh… “Yamaha” versus “Roland”. “Roland” versus “Yamaha”… These products are just wonderful. The studio it self has downsized a lot.. Now it`s software versus these products.

  3. I would like to record with you Mark thats if you are accepting out side talent. I added you on as a friend at myspace. you can chat with me there if you like in terms what I “can” do in the studio or I can send a message. Will I ever purchase another keyboard. I`m really giving that some thought.

  4. i will say that magic spell is not really a song that i like – it is too “sugary” for me – but i do love the fact that you can actually sing and i do like the intentions behind the lyrics.

  5. in other words – yes a magic spell would be nice – but that is never how life works.

  6. I don`t know? I looked in Merriam Webster? It`s kind of hard to define “prickly” because it has more than one definition? In other words it`s kind of like trying to define “Lou Pearlman”….

  7. Hmmm… Interesting. My life experience probes that there are “magic spells”, but more than magic words, is the confidence, the trust you put in yourself and your intentions that can change your life in a ‘magical way’
    Have you probe saying ‘I am’ with total trust in your heart, feeling yourself an active part of the universe?
    Well, my thoughts…

    Greetings to all!

  8. @robert

    prickly in this sence (least i think it is) means if you touch something their prickles will hurt you.

    eg darkest commented that she thought the video was great and you seemed to take it as an insult to mark.
    i suspect wires have been crossed somehow.

  9. AllY? The last topic you are calling me bro? And now you are using aka? You have “jumped” from one topic to another… You `ll have to excuse me because I fail to relevance. I don`t know Paula Ummm… it seems as is I`m being insulted.

  10. @robert

    definatly crossed wires 🙂
    from what i’ve seen both you and darkest write on the this, you’re both lovely peeps who don’t tend to insult people.
    least not deliberatly ^^

  11. no robert i’m really not trying to insult you – deep regrets if you have taken my light hearted banter the wrong way – never intended to up-set anyone – just mucking around a little.

  12. @ally:
    well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try.
    I’m talking about those times when you are “alined” with yourself. When you are able to recognaisce in your heart the truth of yourself, and suddenly, feel that you have your life in your own hands.
    Is that feeling that comes when you get to know yourself in understand that there is a reason for your life at this time in this place.
    When you are aware of it, you can “aline” with the purpose in ypur life and are able to move a lot faster the energy, any kind, so, when you decret something, it comes to happen a lot quicker.
    I hope it’s more clear, but, if you like the topic we can go on XD

  13. @babs – yes i do like the topic. I know who I am inside and out. I know the things which i am happy to say are “me” and i also know which parts of me need improvement and i am constantly working on that. so i would say that i know the “truth” of myself and there have been times where i have felt a purpose in my life. but i no longer feel that there is any significant reason as to why i am here. this is something i have been struggling with for years now.
    what do you see as your reason for being here?

  14. my goodness, my response sounded so morbid and dire – my life isn’t that bad – i am just lacking direction i suppose.

  15. err… well, that’s kind of personal… XD
    I think the greatest reason I have is that there is no reason. I mean, my life, the experience I have is unique. There’s no one like me, with my feelings, my struggle. That’s why each and every life it’s so important, specially when we can go back to “We are One”. Every experience makes this universe, God, or whatevere you want to call it, richer. It’s like thinking on reencarnation. YOU are not the same YOu that lived in another time or place, but each experience has made your soul richer. In all the years I’ve been wandering about this things, I’ve come to that, to feel this great expereince. And when we see the time and place we are livin’ is amazing. We are in the threshold of great changes as humanity, we carry the awakening of mankind holding hands with the earth. Just look at us, this blog, this place on the web, mark’s music, and so many other iniciatives.
    That’s why I try to enjoy all of this, though I know I’m in the “rollercoaster” of awareness (dirt coming out is more deep, but it’s coming out). My special reason to be here now, well, I feel I’m closing certain cicles. 🙂
    Great topic, though… meaning of life and all…

  16. well, last thing… I remember when I really “felt” this certainty, I suddenly realized that “the archangel I’ve benn looking for lives within myself”. (that’s the sentence I usually use…)

  17. thanks babs!!!! you rock!!!!
    this is one of the reasons i love this blog (long time-reader, relatively new poster) – there is always something to ponder and new ways of looking at things.

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