Vancouver gig date confirmed!

This date has been officially confirmed!

June 26 2011
The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver

17 Replies to “Vancouver gig date confirmed!”

  1. Awesome! I know it will be a great show. Too bad I can’t make it. Husband and kids take up a lot of my time. I’m also doing hair and makeup for a friend’s wedding that weekend so it’s a total no-go for me. 🙁

  2. Awesome. I can’t wait to see you live someday! 🙂 Hopefully I can next time you’re in CA.

  3. Here`s a question. Mark my friend will there be other band members with you on this gig?

  4. hmmpf

    first my fav web comic kills off a character..apparently for real.
    now just found out the news about v

    this weekend officially sucks!

    (and yes im aware im lucky that that is all i have to complain about but im still gonna *sulks*)

  5. Yeah major bummer dude. not happy at all. not happy that i am going to not see one of my fav shows anymore – i don’t have many – and major bummer for mark. i could say to you mark “when one door shuts, another will open” (and i do believe that) but right now it probably just sucks. some people have no taste. the show was awesome – and mark – you were awesome. sending good vibes to you bro!

  6. “OH” excuse me.. Television set. you know just to be historical before television there was radio.

  7. I know. The thing about, it is *sigh* I bought all of this musical equipment. So i’m gonna be a little busy here Paula.

  8. Okay, I’ve been gone for a bit. So, no more V? WHY!?!?! I don’t mean to sound whiny but dag! I loved this show! I even wrote to one of the executives of ABC to try and save it. Now what do I do? I’m so sorry, Mark. 🙁 I’m totally upset and I know my mother and husband are not going to be happy either.

  9. I didin`t know the show had gotten canceled..See i don`t watch a lot of Television theses days with that TV set problem and all… And by you being my friend on myspace, I`m sorry I “didn`t” know that your show got canceled. Yes paula…. you are right… I need to get it “fixed”…

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