Urban Rush

I’ll be appearing on the talk show Urban Rush in mid-June, playing with my band, to promote my upcoming album and appearance at The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. Check your local listings!

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  1. we are so lucky to live in the age we do really 🙂
    watching a canadian show would have been impossible for my parents when they were younger but us? 😀
    yea subscribed to their youtube channel so hopefully they will put the video on there 🙂

  2. Alright, so Paula has already answered my question of how I was going to watch this being in the US rather than in Canada. Thanks! I’ll be watching. 🙂

  3. i don’t have a youtube account, so can someone pl let me know when the interview is up so i can have a squiz. cheers.

  4. Say Paula? i WOULD TEND TO THINK THEY WOULD “old” black and white films on you tube.. “ROY ROGERS AND TRIGGER”…

  5. Paula when I hit the link the video came up “not available”… However “I`m Sure” you meant positively well. Danger mouse and terrahawks. Cartoons. When I watch it it reminds me of hanna barbera.

  6. hmm well that was odd
    ah well. if you search ‘roy rodgers TV show’ it comes up 🙂

    tom and jerry were cool 🙂
    hmm looking at the wiki list for those .. most of them were made before i was born!! they seemed brand new when i watched them!
    Flintstones ran until 1966! that cannot be right!

  7. Thanks Paula – just subscribed too and yes @robert adams “where’s feathers” – we miss you.

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