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  1. What I don`t accept is when are some caucasians ever going to stop “lynching ” blacks” this is “2011” i guess…just because its “FUN”…. NO disrespect to “you” hildreth… To some caucasians… african americans never should have been born! and you know what I`m really kind of wishing that i wasn`t born on “this” planet??? this world is full of “yearly” vendetta `s that a person has no control over… whatever man… you got my friendship… no “philosophy” tonight just holla back if you like tro ask me something..peace

  2. happy thanksgiving mark 🙂

    suppose need to say why thankful i suppose.
    my auntie pretending to be mum-ra and having a record recovery rate after her operation to remove one of her cancers. the fact that the other one isn’t causing her pain as much as we thought it might. the fact that i speak to her daughter on a regular basis (that despite everything happening she still has time to listen to me whinge about totally 1st world issues).
    meh could be here all day 🙂 suffice to say – when thought about…a heck of a lot!

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