Beauty Of It All

There’s a song, long ago
Every word everybody knows
Men will rise
Kingdoms fall
Did you notice the beauty of it all

I will write every word
Though to some, I know, that this will seem absurd
And though I don’t
Pretend to know it all
I know that there is still a beauty to it all
And that we can’t forget the beauty of it all

And all the history
And all the poets
And every song that’s sung
Brings the meaning of the lives we live along
And all the riches
And all the glory
And everything you’ve won
Won’t mean nothing if you don’t show love to someone

When there’s a war, when there’s a lie
Oh when innocence needs an alibi
Try to run
Try to crawl
Oh but don’t forget the beauty of it all

I’ve known love, I’ve known pain
And I’m lucky that I’ll know them both again
I just believe
I hear the call
And I know that there’s a beauty to it all

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