15 Replies to “This is the red carpet _________________________”

  1. Shiiiinyyy…. haha It looks pretty cool. I especially like the picture of you with the pinwheel. 🙂 It gave me a good giggle.

  2. It is pretty and shiny. I like the rotating pictures in the top right portion of the header. I’m guessing the color scheme is going to match the album cover when it comes out? The site seems a lot more streamlined, too.

  3. i like the light colours and the new pics of course 😀 most important thing is that you yourself like it and thumbs up for having your own page 😉

  4. Your new website looks great. I love the colors. So soothing. I’ll be poking around to get the full effect.

  5. I love it! it even looks good on mobile devices. I like the clean, fresh look. nice choice of colors 🙂

  6. It’s fantastic.
    The colors are warm and very nice 🙂
    And your pictures are beautiful
    PS: Merry X-mas 🙂

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