7 Replies to “Resolve”

  1. I think you’re going to explode with love one of these days. 🙂

    I resolve to stop letting myself be my own worst enemy. I will do the things that I have been putting off because of fear. I will stop making excuses for myself and just do something instead of dreaming about it. I’ll take more risks. I have to learn to take things one step at a time instead of ten when it’s necessary. On top of that, I have to learn how to enjoy the cliched but important journey. Bring it on!!!! >:D

  2. my resolutions are kinda sucky compared to you guys ^^
    i resolved to learn to knit, crochet and draw 😛
    nothing spiritual 🙂

  3. I resolve to continue to enjoy my beautiful family,learn how to can food, knit more, get back into crochet (it’s pretty easy after you learn, Paula. Oh, and it’s very addictive!), be more compassionate, and hit the gym hard.

  4. heh i want to learn so i can make an amigurumi enterprise for my brother ^^ is that harder than normal crochet?

  5. Maybe a better resolution is to understand that you ARE LOVE… well, each and everyone of us IS LOVE.. 🙂

    Happy new year…

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