Viper Room

Playing at The Viper Room in LA this month, fantastic room in a fantastic city. Great acts, and an early show. Come out and support!

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  1. Sir, you drive me insane. My vacation ends next week!! (That happened last time you were in LA, too) I would drive down to LA if I could. :'( haha perhaps next time. 🙂

  2. Glad to see everything is going well for you Mark Hildreth. How are you Paula.

    So I take Mark Hildreth that this will be a debut of some of your “new” sounds that you will be presenting.

  3. Just bought your album Complex State of Attachment on itunes! I’m really enjoying it!! Can’t help but sing whenever Siddartha plays and I also love I Just Wanna Love Someone and Magic Spell and…. well I just realized I’m just re-listing the album… but I’m really enjoying actually reading and listening to the words and message in/behind the music. It’s a great piece of work!

  4. Colors of the rainbow. That`s a nice fan you have there Mark Hildreth. All the colors of the rainbow. Everyone should get on this planet we call earth…

    I`ve often thought that if everyone around the globe can observe the universe also human kind is always wanting to go on space exploration missions the other planets, yet it seems that human kind (not all) won`t try and get along with each other on this planet.

    So I ask you the question Mark Hildreth: How can we as humans evolve and discover new possibility`s when won`t make an effort to try and get along with each other.

    By the way you did say that the video will be shown here. Oh the last time I couldn`t make it to the anime concerning Chicago I didn`t have the money.

  5. Hi,
    I would see you with pleasure once live.
    Unfortunately, the journey is too wide. 🙁
    Another sometimes. Maybe you come
    sometimes to Europe?

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