8 Replies to “Hallelujah”

  1. Hmm… Hallelujah.. Nice…. And since you brought up this topic I have a question for you Mark Hildreth… Would you say??? That GOD… IS A “HE” or a “SHE”?

    I have some researching to do you can ponder that one. Good Night.

  2. I like this song 🙂
    I like your voice 🙂
    your voice + this song = I reeeeallly like this version 😀

    You looked sad at the end though. I do hope that was from the song..

  3. Hallelujah… a nice song!
    You sing that with much fervor.
    But, since I must agree with Paula, you seem something sad.
    Are you okay?

  4. I guess “ain`t” nobody gone answer my question…. THAT’S a nice lil keyboard you got there MARK Hildreth… YEAH I did comment THAT I USED to have a Roland?? NO need to rub it in MY face! I guess CANADA is truly “BETTER” than the United State`s. You gto the floor tonight… Peace out!

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