13 Replies to “In My Life”

  1. another nice rendition 🙂

    love it when you played the high notes 😀

    play-play-play(note-at-high-end)reaches-plink(back-to-centre)play-play-play 🙂

  2. Very well done. Can’t go wrong with a Beatle and Hildreth combo. 🙂
    I find your changes to the piano solo quite interesting as well.

  3. I wish i could play the piano as good as you 🙂
    I enjoy listening to ya, everytime ya sing
    It is a pity, that i live so far away, i would like to hear ya live 🙁

  4. Here your play on the keyboard I like very.
    Was completely banned from the lightness with the hover your hands over the keys .
    I think you what you sing so as you sing the song…
    with lots of feeling.

    I would imagine that the song “you raise me up” with your voice singing, also very beautiful would listen.

  5. Paula how are you.. That`s called piano fundamental skills. That`s what the instructor teaches concerning the piano so what you have is the teachings from song book and then you have the teaching song book techniques.

    One can get to a certain level concerning the level of the book these skills are taught out of..

    My skills concerning the piano are not quite like this?

    Mark probably continued his study while i stopped at a earlier age… I play mostly chords now.

    However I have started playing the treble clef notes because believe it started last summer or fall? I started listen to “Oscar Peterson”…

    One of the greatest pianist I ever listened to….

    I felt that Mark Hildreth played this song really nice.

    Not that I`m complaining why there is no snow here in Illinois……..However I wonder if wonder if Illinois is gong to get any snow “March” or “April”…….

  6. we finally got snow 😀 it’s brilliant!!!
    I now live in Narnia 😀
    (love snow and have been complaining on a regular basis since November for the lack of said white stuff)

    and fundimental or advanced..I still love it ^^ 😀

  7. Hello U2,
    here also we have snow but cold still more -17 degrees. Felt like -20 degrees.
    Hamburg meets ice age 🙂

  8. Hmm.. No magic spell video… Well Mark Hildreth I would hoped that I could have saw it at least before March, April or May cause I won`t be able to see it then..”Oh well”…. Have fun and “live” with you career…

  9. I`m sorry Paula I may have been a little stressed out. Adding to this stress is a “STATE” of mind claiming the more “we” meaning “individualism” try? The more we are just in “his” way?

    I really don`t like talking so much about “his” state concerning the North East meaning OHIO?

    To single out one individual just out of sheer madness is beyond belief to me? Did I create laws and rules? Yet some people think its ok? To preserve “conservatism” while trying to control thoughts that were not his in the first place?

    And Mark Hildreth I believe you quoted something from the Dali Lama about monetary possession and living concerning the anime that you attended in Chicago?

    And Paula sometimes it could be the diet…

  10. ah okies 🙂 you had me worried there 🙂 with you saying you wanted to watch it before march april may it sounded like you were running out of time for something 🙂

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