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  1. Mark Hildreth you are playing at the Viper Room…That is “neato”… You know lemme talk a lil somethin for a minute… How am I when it pertains to the fine arts? I don’t know I generally have an idea if it pertains to acting or recording music. Cause writing is a different matter all together…

    However I usually have an idea on how it’s going to go “UNLESS” an instructor or engineer tells me different.

    Cause I don’t know if you get this way???

    Say like if I do an acting scene or take a professional photo I’m always quiet. Right before… and I’m not thinking about anything.

    QUIET… Because that VERY moment when someone tells me to do something concerning the Fine Arts. Everything that you had planned out something else plans itself over that. (wow)….

    What I’m trying to say concerning the fine arts I myself “subconsciously” may be taking a few ideas from others when it pertains to “drama” and “music” HOWEVER…

    When it’s on. Pertaining to the Fine Arts.

    ONE could say I let the LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TAKE OVER HOWEVER these are my beliefs. I respect “all” religions, to me GOD isn’t a “HE” or a “SHE”…

    Anyway, again nice song.

  2. A Reply to myself: I told that guy from HARRISON OHIO he has to see “ME” in order to “HIT”me However if he is listening I have a question “philosophically” did I see him first or did he see me???

  3. The song I like very. Sung again with much feeling from you.
    But also the vid of the song change of mind is managed well.
    So we too, that might be we not, have a small compensation :-)).
    Big thanks to Sandy Yanik and Dani.

    There can at the hordes of love on the Feb. 23 nothing go wrong. 🙂
    I hope the concert is also a blast such as Viper Room.
    Have fun.

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