Be yourself!

FYI guys, if you aren’t posting from a real e-mail address, you’re not going to get your comments posted. If you want to have your say, at least have the courage to put your name under it.

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  1. Look man. If you are referring to me your the one who said something about a posting privileged. Since 2009 I`m totally sick of this. And that is the truth. So you can take it however you want to.. You don`t have post this comment. Good night…

  2. Well I’m always myself and i think that’s very important because everything else is only cowardly
    My E-mail address is real 🙂

  3. I miss the discussion, so… if you are interested… have you heard about the awakening of the femininity? It’s not just about women taking our rol in the world, but to awake the femenine side in man, women.. even homosexuals…
    Well, just a suggestion…
    Greetings from this corner of the world xD

  4. I have a question “Paula”. Paula`s real… Whats more real, fine arts or education? Have a nice night.

  5. fine art vs education? (and by education i assume you mean basics writing/reading/math? 3r)
    you split them into ‘what you need to survive’ and of cause you immediately say education.
    However the fine arts (music/painting/poetry) are also needed to survive simply as a way to stop us going off the deep end into pure insanity. the fine arts let us express how we feel. you might be able to survive with the 3r but the fine arts let you live 🙂

  6. i’ve been seeing that a lot on tumblr. confuzzles me slightly so i just tend to watch them chat from the distance ^^ i think it started from some laws being passed and that rick guy.

  7. Oh, I read just your “be yourself”.

    My comment caused may to 01 March confusion? I had from namely not from my own PC written. I had added my email address but correctly.

    Otherwise, I am also myself.

  8. Hi Julia,
    Your English is not a disaster. It’s still nice that you write in a language that is not your own. If times an error should creep, it is not bad. This is at least my opinion of them. Also my English is certainly not entirely correct. I work on but it. Unfortunately, the translators are sometimes much more likely a catastrophe.
    Greeting Gela

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