Good show old boy

Fantastic to see some of you at The Mint over the weekend. Good show. I need a band tho, this playing solo is wearing thin…

In other news, I want to change the world

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  1. Good idea why not
    Change our world and try to make it a better place to live.
    I guess that’s a wonderful plan 🙂

    I think playing with a band is more fun, but i have no experience with that so it’s only a thought


  2. A new challenge.
    Attempt makes wise, as we say here.
    Music can make the world better. A nice job that you take before you.
    I hope you succeed. There is nothing better.
    Good night.

  3. Mark Hildreth you said you had a good show and I believe you have a band?

    The band that you were playing with.

    I don`t see anything wrong you being a solo artist? Unless you wanted to play with a band again? I have added your friendship on MySpace? I don`t currently have the page? However I never really minded talking music with you?

    Course that was last year… I`m working with a different fine art now and that’s acting. My academy that I have trained with here in Chicago.

    Last year I listened to different bands and commented about music “here” well this year I was studying another art meaning acting.

    However it is good that you would like to put your band together and if you would like to talk about it I`m willing to listen just keep i mind that is not last year and I would like to pursue acting now..

    The reason why I missed the anime is because I didn`t have enough money..

    All… of you all… have… a good night. Have a good night.

  4. Yeah I would like the world change too… However it doesn`t “APPEAR” like its going to happen today… “Wearing thin” is a understatement at this point “completely tired”? Well you all oughta know.. Thank you and good night..

  5. It was so cool getting to meet you!! 😀 The hubby and I will definitely come and see another one of your shows someday.
    I like playing by myself most of the time, but I do always enjoy jamming with other people. There is nothing quite like losing yourself in music with others. As for changing the world, I think you’re doing a fine job already. Your music is inspiring and your songs have important meanings behind them. They make me think, make me happy, and inspire me to make the world better. I guarantee that you inspire others with your music as well. That inspiration probably rubs off on people that interact with those that have been changed by your music. Changing the world bit by bit comes from how we all influence each other. ‘Tis a lovely chain reaction. 🙂 Every little bit helps in this world.

  6. Hi Sen,

    I see it like you!
    With his songs mark reaches the people and touches their hearts.

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