Vancouver Anti-Riot 2012!

Support Vancouver Anti-riot 2012! A non-violent resistance against pillaging our city this Stanley Cup playoff run! Invite your friends!

3 Replies to “Vancouver Anti-Riot 2012!”

  1. I read there was an incident over the Canucks last year (I hope that I`m pronouncing the teams name right) I surely don`t want to “offend” anyone here even though that sometimes is “NONCHALANT”…

    uhh…At any rate I believe I have mentioned to the fact that you are a really good artist? Why I`m commenting “today”?? Now well I guess since I`m not really thinking of something to do constructively for the moment..(ha)..

    “Fan Like”??? I have some time (ha)…yeah to comment..

    Vancouver is really a wonderful place and I hope that people don`t riot this year concerning such a wonderful prestigious, pristine, place. Concerning the fine arts and education and religion there I`m sure there is a lesson to be learned..

    Course I just put the LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT FIRST IN MY “OWN” LIFE. Sooo.. ya know I will continue to respect other`s culture`s and civilizations as I mention so many times before?

    I reside in the United States. And I agree the “states”…. Yeah… I blame on “commercialism”.. However anyway Mark Hildreth keep song writing and I look forward to hearing your new album soon. Me??! oh I`m just acting that’s all… Have a nice night.

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