4 Replies to “NH HELL”

  1. I can understand you.
    Unfortunately the spreading also in other sports more and more.
    This has nothing to do with sport.
    It is very unfair and a big disgrace!
    It exhibits a great indictment.

  2. I can’t stand it when people do that! I’m not a hockey fan (don’t hurt me :P) , so I don’t know what all has been happening in the sport this year. I do, however, see that crap in basketball all the time. It drives me even more insane when players pretend to be badly injured just to get a foul. >:O I feel your pain haha.

  3. #competewithnotagainst…. You`ll have to explain that to me Mark Hildreth because I`m sorry, I just don`t compete. Today’s date was Monday, April 16, 2012 if you all would like to know… Have a nice night….

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