Ok, the Indiegogo campaign for my new album is going forward! Woot! This means that you can be a part of this album, either by donating or just by spreading the word so your friends and colleagues can donate! In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be launching the campaign at Check out the site, it helps promote all kinds of awesome projects!!

There will be Facebook, Twitter and other outside links that you can post and help me spread the word. All kinds of perks, from personal mentions on my website and inside the album artwork, t-shirts, concert passes, all the way to a song written personally by me just for you and more! You’ll be able to donate whatever you feel comfortable with.

This is a great way for everyone to be a part of this record. I’ll be posting photos, videos and other stuff from the making of the album and regular updates on the Indiegogo campaign page.

Can’t wait to see you there!


21 Replies to “Indiegogo!”

  1. This sounds exciting!
    Under what heading will your campaign at Indiegogo appear?
    Probably music, or?
    I’ll check out the side and spread your donation to all who want to hear it or also not ;o)

  2. Well….It`s not a bad concept.

    It would seem that you are putting a lot “effort” with this album Mark Hildreth. So this would mean the album is completed. Now besides this concept are you going to be marketing the same way you did “Magic Spell”? We get to hear a “rendition” like the previous album?

  3. Looking forward to studio diaries, it’ll be nice to see this album come to life. Will have to be good to beat CSoA.

  4. Looking forward to hearing your music, to watching your music video, and to seeing more works from you, Mark.
    We’ll always stand by you!


    (I respect everyone`s religion).

    One thing I will agree with you on Mark Hildreth, John Mayer has got some pretty good music. I believe he`s becoming a “legend”.

    Saturday,June 02,2012

  6. Probably music? Is that a insult? I mean I guess when his hands was playing Magic Spell that was probably music too right?

    Um I don`t know I just ask. Paula I asked right? Well I mean you said ask right?

  7. Mark, how much money are you thinking for the personal song? I would love to donate whatever you are asking! Just let me know! 😀

  8. Oh no, Robert there isn´t a offense or a insult! I only asked on which page the campaign starts at Indiegogo.
    Where can I find the campaign?
    Mark makes so nice music and his music touches my soul.

  9. Jeeeeepieee…today I got finally the album “Complex State of Attachment”. Unfortunately I could not buy it in Germany in the shops. So, I have ordered it on the Web. It is great. I like every song. Marks voice is pure rock. The music touches my soul. Can´t wait to hear the new album!

  10. Oh well… when you said probably music I thought you were trying to challenge him.

  11. uh huh… It is now Wednesday, June 06, 2012. You all have nice night.

  12. hahaha, no no, that was not my
    I’ve answered only my previous question with another question.

    And you said it so well with your post… “you think he´ll let us know”

  13. (And you said it so well with your post… “you think he´ll let us know”)…
    It was just a comment?

  14. ? Yes, see your comment to Paula from June 1 6:48 am. It´s under this comments.

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