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  1. *does happy dance*
    over 8k!!!!! You did it 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. $8.140 woooooooo goal achieved and still 7 days 😀
    Congrat!!! The Song in your new vid sounds good.

  3. So glad you met your goal!

    I like the new song. The way you were singing in the beginning reminded me of Paul McCartney. Very cool. 🙂

    Now finish mixing everything before we all go nuts waiting for the awesome music! 😀

  4. Well I listened and that is some pretty good music Mark Hildreth. Good key changes, good rhythmic beat. Expression of good vocal-ability. The harmony is good. Sounds like it was well produced. I like the “Bobby Mcferrin” ad-lib. I asked where is that album was and you played a sample of it. And it`s good.

    Music is universal. Besides African American music… I`ve also listened to Bach and Beethoven concerning classical music. Country music also there are some really good country music songwriters.

    I wished they would have had this indigo marketing when i was “trying” for the music industry. However it sounds really good. Have a nice night.

  5. You are doing your little happy dance there. You are going to have to teach me a how create those “smiley`s” again…

    I’m going to talk about a word. Judge. not “Judgement”..Judge… Merriam says that (to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises)..

    Yet the question I have is why does human kind “judge” to form an opinion and I would have to believe that since the dawn of human kind we judging every existence. When considering human kind I would have to say I have been I’ve been judging myself.

    For reason being when considering this planet’s historical time line earth’s geological time periods meaning the MESOZOIC era the inhabitants that were existing on this planet suddenly were non-existent.

    Did these inhabitants have the capability of thought to actually judge like human kind.

    You have to excuse me Paula… I have actually judged human kind… You see human kind has made significant advances towards our evolution who am I to judge..


    I’m not suppose to judge human kind? Who am I to say that since I comment concerning comment calendar dates that humans are only “guest” just like the former inhabitants were.. I certainly did not create this planet. That is not my place.

    Yet concerning human kind we judge.

    To judge me… And I know that when “some” people see me I have judged. I have been called many names and have been formed an opinion of me without my awareness. And it would seem to me that concerning this time period that why human kind will still form an opinion and sometimes Paula I ask the question concerning human kind is our time up concerning our existence on this planet.

    Since 2009 I had created a Myspace page and it would seem without my awareness that may have judged and I say to you sir… Before you gave a thought to judge me, I did not know who you were… FACT. Your time with me sir is reaching an end. There is an end to all time periods. That IS a fact. How you choose to be good that’s the “more”.

    Paula I will stop judging human kind so much you are right.

    Mark Hildreth. I did say your music was good… One day, when you hear what I have… You will compliment me. However not today, I am pursuing “another” art form that I stated on Myspace and that is called “Acting”. I like to take my learning awareness “one step at a time”. Have a nice day.

  6. a: smilies are made by : ) and : D (without the spaces)

    b: …I sometimes think i have missed half the conversation in your replies robert. why did you write that?

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