Yer the best!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your amazing show of support in contributing to the completion of my new album Signs Of Life. It is really an honor to have such incredible kindness shown to me and please know it is deeply appreciated!


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  1. Dear Mark,
    like to happen by heart. Has been fun.
    I´m pleased that this could contribute.
    Signs of life is a beautiful title for your new album! Look forward to your new songs. Good luck on your way.

  2. Uh, uh… And since i`m not the “best” at anythang… Mr. Mark Hildreth lemme tell ya what I put first in my life!


  3. hello and good evening mark…how are you???…it’s actually great to see you have continued to touch the lives of many people throughout your musical career…i am looking forward to purchasing the new album…the songs sounds awesome…keep up the great work mark…have a great weekend…how is it in vancouver, b.c. canada???

  4. Well…dunno ’bout everyone else but I gave for totally selfish reasons.
    Your music makes me happy and I need more of it in my life 😉

  5. Music is a wonderful thing Paula and i do remember saying “I”.. respect all religions and cultures?

  6. And by it being wonderful and universal i only write and create I don`t sell music. Does anyone have a “problem” with that? I believe i said awhile back. I do not have a “problem” with anyone unless someone wants to make it a “problem”.

    I like to be “nice” and i like to “LISTEN”…. Race Creed or Color… “listen”.

    To music too. Have a nice night.

  7. are you asking me what i think of everyone else on the website or everyone else on the planet?

  8. Well OK “ermmm”.. like, different ethnicity`s? Are all the “peeps” the same? Or is there more of a “philosophic ” awareness that you would like to elaborate on?

    You mentioned this website and the planet.

  9. what on earth have i said that would make you think i could say anything in regards to philosophic awareness?
    I am about as philosophic as a lemon.
    I think the peeps on this website are nice (they like mark. of cause they are nice 🙂 )and i personally believe there is more good in the world than is reported (the bad peeps get better news coverage) but that’s about it really.

  10. The “ethics” of acting….

    Mark Hildreth i read your interview concerning the “V” series. I need to ask you a question sir…

    What is your definition pertaining to “reality” concerning acting… Max Von Sydow I will agree with the article.

    Because see there is a difference with working with a professional actor than being taught “instruction” from one i believe.

    Because the reality of this is concerning my understanding.. NO professional is going to “willfully” hand you over acting techniques?

    Without some type of Monetary value…

    Can you say you “say” to me that you have had “instruction” from Max Von Sydow because that`s my reality. Not disrespecting your acting ability in any way.. You put up the “V” ad. Have a nice day…

  11. “A common song of joy changed the world more than a lifetime of struggle against “the evil one”.

    These lines I read today and find they fit here.
    Mark would like to change the world
    and I think with his songs that he manages.
    I am pleased to hear the songs from the new album.

  12. Mark Hildreth you had a chance to “visit” Chicago last year how did you like the “windy city” besides the anime?

    You were out there by O`Hare airport. Have you ever been to the Downtown “loop” area? It`s nice… A lot of “cultural” arts. Well… Have a nice night..

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