I’m going to sit with me. Just sit. Not think or evaluate. Just sit with me for a while. I think it will do me good.

Does anyone else out there think they overthink stuff??

Am I the only one who sees the oxymoron in that?

Am I thinking too much about this?? lol


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  1. Ha! Welcome to my world. I’m a writer and studying to be a historian, so all I do is over think things and analyze and reanalyze. I can never make my brain shut up for one second. I envy those that can. πŸ˜€

  2. It is good to stop and listen to inside sometimes.
    Not think or evaluate and not judging.
    And it is really no overthink stuff!
    But yes, you think too much about this πŸ˜€
    Just do it!!

  3. I don`t believe anything is “over-thinking”…


    I had my spiritual intervention when I “sought” out THE LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT “HOLY” meaning the SPIRIT OF GOD.

    I ask questions TO THE LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT because that’s “who” I am. Bless the “children” that have their own.

  4. In some things I over think things
    in others I most definitely under think things
    it’s good to over think things though
    as long as the over thinking does not prevent you from actually doing it then it’s fine πŸ˜€
    I don’t know how to just sit though..
    I HAVE to think of something. even if its just concentrating on my breathing.

  5. It’s easy to over-think, most things in life are just what they are on the surface, nothing beyond it.
    I don’t feel it’s an oxymoron, it took us billions of years to evolve the ability to think, over-thinking’s just an side effect of sorts. Like over-sleeping.

  6. Paula I referenced this not out of “Merriam Webster”… I used a different reference…

    Usually, have-nots. an individual or group that is without wealth, social position, or other material benefits ( contrasted with have.

    And so Mark Hildreth do you have any album picture promotions?

  7. Also Mark Hildreth I didn`t know if you were going to be at the anime concerning Chicago IL this year or not. I do not believe i will be attending this year to the anime. Have a nice night.

  8. :i, you all
    What Mark posted reminded me of a healing technique called Sat Nam Rasayan (comes from the Kundalini yoga school). Is a meditation on a deep state of self-awareness and no-thinking… You just feel in the most literal way…
    Is amazing finding how everything occurs within yourself πŸ™‚
    I think our society over-estimate thinking… Maybe we just need to really listen to our own hearts…

    Hugs to all!!! I missed writing here

  9. “Tito Puente – Oye Como Va” (man that is great song)… Oh well… Mark Hildreth. Have a nice night.

  10. If you’re used to thinking things through and care about doing right by other people, as opposed to convincing yourself and other people that you’re in the right, then you’re bound to be “overthinking” things at times. Oftentimes I envy people who do not seem to need to have their mind run in endless circles, evaluating and reevaluating their motives and their logic and their opinion – and yet manage to come to conclusions that seem very right and quite decent to me, instinctively. Those people are sure and stay firm in the face of opposition, never doubting. I wonder how they do it. But then sometimes they’re wrong, as everyone is wrong sometimes, and because they aren’t prone to questioning their own conclusions, when they are wrong, they stay wrong. Overthinking things is difficult, it might make you feel confused and lost and doubting yourself sometimes. It might make you blame yourself for things you have no business blaming yourself for. But it also ensures that you will not, one day, set foot on the path of “righteous anger” towards an undeserving target. It is good to step away from it all and just relax and not think much about anything sometimes, though. We’re all human and we all need a break or we will break.

  11. Take the time to sit still and listen to the things every day. Watch out for the melody of life, which vibrates in you…

  12. You’re an overthinker too???? I’m definitely one, I think every single thing from every possible angle and it haunts me EVERY SINGLE DAY. At least I’m glad to know I’m not alone and I still consider myself an optimist. πŸ™‚


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