Worst thing about politics – everyone’s willing to examine why the other guy is wrong, but not why they themselves think they’re right

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  1. What`s the matter Mark Hildreth you don`t like American politics? I only wanted Obama in office for 4 years I mean Ronald Reagan lost his MIND. However “Romney” chose the wrong candidate. So I have to “vote” for the “person” I help put in office 4 years ago. This may seem “trivial” to you. However to me?? I`m African American. And it would be a “defamation” to my character if I did not vote. Considering the United States, my heritage and my race i have NO EXCUSE.. That i should not vote when I look how far my race and other ethnic races have come far in this country. Martin Luther King said he had a dream. And so that’s why consider it a “HONOR” to vote.

    And the last time I checked I did say I “respect” other peoples cultures.

    (yeah).. Nice night…

  2. Mark Hildreth if you are referring to me as “tick”.. Over the years I have given you the benefit of the doubt that your music was good and I stated that you were a good musician and I have also sent you countless messages on MySpace with the “hope” that maybe we could collaborate.

    And I can keep saying to myself a “logical assumption” that if Mark Hildtheth waned to collaborate with me he would have done so by now.

    So if i`m a “tick” for sending countless of MySpace messages alright then.

  3. I don’t get the issue, Robert… maybe because I’m not from USA…
    Do you mind explain the conflict briefly?

  4. What’s with the “”? I learned they are used only for quotes… well, you learn something new everyday.
    I’m from Chile… I’m “American” also…

  5. Sadly, using the “other”‘s fault is not just a practice in politics… so, maybe is one of our society paradigms… thing is.. how do we change that?

  6. Having a real, valid political opinion is far more difficult than most people would think. It’s hard enough if you are looking at cold facts and trying to figure out which side to take. But most of us don’t even have access to those facts, we have access to other peoples’ points of view of only the most recent circumstances and without any real background knowledge. Most people will just eat up what they hear. Some will do some halfhearted research on the internet, mostly looking for a validation of their own opinion. Life being what it is, the great majority of people lacks time or education or resources or a combination of all three to do anything else.
    Some of us are scared for their own skin and blindly defend their own interests. Some are scared of being called immoral, so they blindly attack their own interests. Some are scared of doing anything at all and stay the hell out of politics altogether, not that that particular choice is of any help, either.
    I’m not sure what to do about that, other than try to remain calm and keep an open, yet questioning mind.

  7. And we will never have access.

    And that is what living on this planet is all about. The question is asked is America better than it was 4 years ago and when I see how far America has come and where America is going not just for me?

    I try NOT to bring politics here and the reason why I brought it “here” is because of the topic.

    Now when that question got answered for me that was enough.

    Some folk do see it like that. Sometimes media doesn`t want to see like that.

    And lemme say something you mentioned “skin”… Understand that I am a historian when it pertains to African American culture, however I know that I mentioned that I`m respectable all races. A mentor schooled me concerning finance I have had virtually all kind of instructors that have taught me knowledge gender, race.

    When we say accessibility concerning research.

    I`m at the point write now…. to where….. I would like to expand my horizons on acting and the music is always there. And these “questions” concerning my art?

    Being artistic is how my story begins??? You know?? (sigh)… You know?? Mark Hildreth said something about being a “oxymoron”??

    What is a “oxymoron?”

    Concerning Politics, I try not to bring around the arts however is the topic and you raised another topic concerning the accessibility of research.

    By the it is nice to talk with you again Feathers. Also keeping an open mind is good however. Some folk like to “test”…

    SOMETIMES I CAN LOSE my frame of mind and when THAT happens.


    Have a nice night.

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