Great meeting with a great music manager today. LA is such a great place for music. Band is coming together, hope to play our first gig near the end of November, and drop the new album Signs Of Life! Good times!

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  1. Well that’s nice. That`s really nice. I listen to your gospel song I wrote a gospel song. I`m remember when I first “sung” the first time it was Christ Temple batiste church. And I was nervous and people did not even know I could sing then nervous man…

    Then I sung my first notes… 16 years old going on 17 I believe… My vocals were (wow)…. The whole church falling out and screaming… (you would have to understand African American gospel music Mark Hildreth)

    A person can become great and not even be aware of it… Its not the talent.. It is the PERSON behind the talent. Sometimes ITS QUITE NICE to be comfortable.

    Now I`m not saying I inherent-ed a great voice or I`m a great actor or great at anything… What I`m saying is this:


    You SEE what I SEE here is someone from another “STATE” that is “instigating” I`m not going to SAY HARRISON OHIO because you`ll probably take up for him however what I am going to say if this also….

    If this is just to MAKE ME what??? It may not cost YOU money to go to a studio? And the marketing idea you have that was pretty good too and you could have launched your album before September because I did not adhere to the fact that this was a contest or challenge?

    If you are tying to what??? If you are trying to get me out of the attitude to pull out a “vocal” concerning music well thank you I appreciate it.

  2. yay! I just found your song Signs of Life on Reverb. It has been on repeat along with the others for the past couple of days. Sounds amazing! I can’t wait until I get the album in my hands. 😀

  3. Uh,huh…You are putting together a band and opinions from other band members count Mark Hildreth.

    Concerning myself I have not been “asked” or “messaged” to either song-write, sing, or play with a band. So until then… I`ll just keep acting.

    Have a nice night.

  4. Can’t wait hear the album Mark. You coming up Vancouver’s way to do some shows I hope. Loving the tunes on Reverb.

  5. The definition of “Reverb” is like an “echo”. “oh well”..

    At least i can “reminisce” about music.

    Music has changed “culturally” so much I believe, there is a song called “Gangnam Style” from Psy??

    I did not know that South Korea had embrace “house” music culture like this however i will not try the dance. At my age I can step, not dance.

    It`s a brilliant marketing move this song called “Gangnam Style”. And of course I never had a opportunity concerning a “great” manager?? I`m not really complaining though because my “acting” knowledge has taught me a lot and I plan to further it..

    It is good though Mark Hildreth that you have dedicated fans like Ann Marie Sloan here. You all have a nice night.

  6. Ann Marie Sloan. i remember you last year sometime you telling me? When I asked about the “Chicago Anime” now you said correct me if I`m wrong? “I`m sure he will be there??”… You were sure then? Now what makes you think he would not show up in Vancouver?

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