Picture if you will

I just approved the proofs for my new album artwork. It looks awesome!! Thank you to Marc LaBrie photography for the fantastic shots

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  1. Artwork is good 😀 any chance of a sneak preview or will we need to wait for the album 🙂

  2. Hi Paula,
    have missed you here on the blog lately 🙂
    That is the Pic we have found so beautiful as Mark sat during the campaign at the front.
    Do you remember?

  3. Question: I don`t mean to sound “rude” or anything, Did you say that you were a “musician”? I`m not trying to “nitpick”?

  4. Thanks 😀 I have been lurking 🙂 just not posting 🙂
    hmm.. nope cannot remember but no worries 🙂

    I like the album cover 😀

  5. 😀 That was in Mark’s posting “Getting Close” on July 4th here in the blog! Never mind, is indeed a long time ago ;))

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