Remember those?? The things you hold in your hand, and put into that little slot that plays them through your stereo??

I’m getting the ones for my new album SO SOOONNNN!!!!

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  1. The only round thing you know is “avoiding” my last comment. “Oh” I`m sorry “Oh” i`m just kidding was that rude? Tell me AM I “SINGLING” you out?

  2. same here Paula. My postman better not get lost. Or I will be stalking him all over Vancouver. And sadly he has a bad habit of delivering mail to the wrong addresses.

  3. No Robert! You don´t SINGLING me out!
    I assumed the question is Paula. Sorry 🙁 But no, I’m not a musican.

  4. Music pertaining to “writing” is a wonderful “hobby”… 9 times out of ten a singer, or a musician, or songwriter really doesn`t need a band concerning the technology. Music is not what is once was to really sell some music “unless” one had a really good drummer.

    Today`s music really requires a good drum kit. I use the beats concerning the Technology that was given to me when i purchased my keyboards.

    Why am I saying all this?

    To “some” this conversation may be well……


    However… The drums (not the voice)… is actually the foundation of the band. Now if I wanted to sell music i would have to “research” a drum kit. However I like just writing it for the wonderment.

    I remember being a child music was on “8 track” then cassette, (that`s my era) And then CD. I had my time when i was trying to pursue a music career.

    To be challenged to me concerning music its “ok”? For other individuals.

    When one writes music whatever skill that one was taught pertaining to music. If a person wants get to certain level? Well then keep playing and research other musicians.

    No one has the greatest song? Its what it sound like when a person writes it?

    Hildreth on your fan site I commented to you some of the greatest jazz pianist. However music and rhythm is cultural.

    How do you see your “repertoire” when it pertains music?

    You all have a nice night.

  5. “To be challenged to me concerning music its “ok”? For other individuals”.

    At this stage concerning my life I`ve never had to challenge anyone. It`s not being “egotistical” It`s a hobby and I like listening to music. Have a nice night.

  6. Can I ask a question Paula? One of Mark Hildreth`s blogs? Where did he learn how to say “Yo Mamma”?

  7. …what? <– confuzzled as to why you believe i would have in depth knowledge of Marks vocabulary history.

  8. Mark you had mentioned that you were a “Miles Davis” fan. Miles Davis did an interview years ago and when he was asked would he play a concert pertaining to “South Africa” and I believe Apartheid was still apart of that era and his answer was,

    “I couldn`t play a note”…

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