Being here

I’ve noticed how focused on the future I can be.

Anybody else grow up playing video games? There was always something you were working towards, and those were the games that I gravitated to. I loved Zelda. It wasn’t just fight, then rest, then fight, then rest. You were progressing, going through each level, each foe becoming more difficult, getting more expertise, better skills, more powerful tools. And there was always something you were working for – to rescue the princess, or get the cash!

I have noticed so deeply recently how empty this can be, if you have no experience of the present moment and are totally focused on the future. It assumes there is some problem with now, which I don’t think is really the case most of the time.

What do you think?

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  1. I grew up playing games on Nintendo. Those were only about fun for me and my friends. Now it is WII and DS that I like to play with.

    Life can be interesting with it’s ups and downs. I have always learned to go with the flow and not to let it get me down.

  2. The big paradox… The major truth is that in the deepest level, there’s no reason to be here or to this life… Just the experience and the to play.
    I was missing this kind of post 😀
    I agree with Ann-Marie… Life is with ups and downs (specially this past Dragon year) because we are a lot of things… Light and darkness going to conciousness 🙂


  3. Life is change.
    Currently is changing a lot. Everything is changing at the moment, I think. This applies to all levels such as relationships, profession, company, life settings, value standards etc.

    Maybe we should not always take life so seriously.
    Have fun in life. I´m always amazed how much there we can learn from children. They are always all there in what they do. Very authentic.

    It’s good to know where you’re want to go. But you should not just focused on the future but live the moment and enjoy. Because the only thing we can really live is the here and now – the present!

  4. Love the Zelda reference – my favorite of all time.

    I don’t think that there is something wrong in the present life of one who focuses on the future. I would say it is the wise man who looks down the road of a path he/she is considering taking.

    Like Zelda, you must focus on the future in order to “save the princess” or “get the cash”.

  5. “The major truth is that in the deepest level, there’s no reason to be here or to this life…”

    There’s not major truth to that statement. It’s only true for the nihilist who lives in a sad state of affairs.

  6. Cuek!
    Sorry, didn’t catch the meaning to the “sad state of affairs”
    Could you say more about that?

  7. So its not at all about video game it? 🙂 ..last para has kept me thinking friend ..

    The desire for repetition arises only when there is no joy today; when today is empty, we look to the past or to the future. The desire for repetition is desire for continuity, and in continuity there is never the new. There is happiness, not in the past or in the future, but only in the movement of the present.

    Hope that helps


  8. Life is a balancing act. One must look forward to the future, for the present is the direction you will follow to that future. Along the way, there will be direction changes and your future will alter.

    I too loved Zelda, for it was the challenge of finding the unknown and planning how to achieve that goal. Along the way there were direction changes the lead us to secret passages or extra lives but, in the end the princess was saved and Ganandorf defeated. In life that is what we all do. Strive for the unknown of our future while planning to achieve that goal in the present.

    WOW, never thought I would be comparing life to Zelda. LOL

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