Good show old boy!

What an amazing show Resurrection is going to be. Unfortunately you’ll all have to wait until March 9 2014 to see it, but it’s going to be quite something. It explores some of the central questions about life that I am so interested in: what does it mean that we’re here? How do you do the right thing in the face of incredible adversity? How do you deal with the vulnerability of finding out your core beliefs about yourself and the world might not be accurate? It is a beautiful little show that I think you’ll enjoy!!

2 Replies to “Good show old boy!”

  1. I look forward to it. 😛
    I can relate to the having core beliefs flipped upside down and dealing with the aftermath of that. Not a particularly fun activity haha.

  2. Nice show 🙂 Two episodes down and I’m alrealy in love with it! Tom is an interesting character. Look forward to seeing more of him! Good job, Mark <3

    *Greetings from China* ;D

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