The Actor’s Job

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The Actor’s Job

I believe that our society has become worn out.

You can only wait on tables, make widgets, or be somebody’s employee for so long until you become worn out. We are a go through the motions society, living not for living, but to avoid dying.

I believe it’s the lot of the actor to lift us from the monotonous. To take the journey of the discovery of the human soul and, like a mythic hero, bring back the Golden Fleece of humanity. Not just to “play” but to deeply embody the pain and struggle of the human life force under the strangling pressures of the de-humanizing nature of our society.

That is when the actor truly exemplifies his art form – when, through identification with his performance, we catch a revelatory glimpse of our spirit, and what it means to be human.

-Mark Hildreth

6 Replies to “The Actor’s Job”

  1. The actor is born, not made. When a person has real talent will manifest in all the ways in which he or she can. A true actor should convey emotions, move the viewer, so that can make mourn, laugh, rage, frustrated and many other things. Unfortunately there are many people who are at the world of the seventh art just for profit and can act very badly, but always have a sexy look for the industry, talent is discarded and this is where you enter the vanities of mankind. Mark In your case, you move me to see “Resurrection”, have researched and noticed that even sing and do it very well, I could say that you are an accomplished actor, like Mrs. Frances Fisher and the Landon small, y’all do a great job. Good luck and do not change for the better but for the worse, greetings from Venezuela!

  2. I respect actors more than anyone else because their hard work brings about the emotional response I crave but can’t quite get from people in real life. I think the key to re-humanizing society might be in breaking it apart. I found it extremely beneficial to extract myself from society for the purpose of self discovery. Everyone should allow themselves the freedom to do this. Society could be reassembled with stronger, more self aware individuals resulting in more emotionally satisfying interactions.

  3. I agree that our society has become worn out and that a large majority turn to TV shows to help us escape to where we wish we could be or feel as humans.

    Some shows remind us of what means to be human. If an actor can share those emotions then he/she has done a great performance.

  4. I believe that the world around us is a reflection of ourselves. If we live in fear, hate and distress then hardly any good will come in our way because things turn out the way we feel about them.

    Love would be the key to happiness but we are still learning it.

    Actors indeed play a significant role in our daily lives. They present us all side of human nature and might as well they show us the path to overcome our shortcomings but their main job is to give a little piece of themselves through their characters and make us forget our day to day struggle just to have fun.

    I also think we are all actors or actresses in a bigger scene and we are all examples to each other though not all to be followed.
    Keep up the good work, Mark! Cheers.:)

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