Signs of Life

Release Date: 2013

Since finishing his first album, Mark experienced a lot of love and loss. Signs Of Life is about family – new family, old family, and the struggles of family. It’s about love, honesty and heart-ache. With sweeping vocals and a tight R&B feel, this album shows Mark’s sensitive side, as well as his desire to change himself and the world through the honest expression of love. Signs Of Life brings more Stevie Wonder to the table, while maintaining the melodic sensibilities of Elton John and Billy Joel. Mark musically expands himself significantly on this album, building each song from an acapella basis and playing many of the instruments, including vocals, percussion, beat boxing, synth bass, pianos and keyboards. It features the amazing gospel trio The Sojourners, and is produced by the incomparable Warne Livesey. Available on Itunes.

  1. I Won’t Do That {lyrics} {listen}
  2. Change Of Mind {lyrics} {listen}
  3. Signs Of Life {lyrics} {listen}
  4. All Alone {lyrics} {listen}
  5. Always Be There {lyrics} {listen}
  6. Walking Into The Wind {lyrics} {listen}
  7. Angels {lyrics} {listen}
  8. Great Wild Ocean {lyrics} {listen}
  9. Earth Is A Place For Love {lyrics} {listen}
  10. Magic Spell Remixed {lyrics} {listen}

Complex State of Attachment

Release Date: 2008

A pop and R&B collection with a sound that falls right between Elton John and Stevie Wonder. Influences of gospel, soul, pop and R&B, reminiscent of the great singer/songwriters of the early to mid seventies, with a modern feel.

  1. Magic Spell {lyrics} {listen}
  2. Siddhartha {lyrics} {listen}
  3. It’s My Life {lyrics} {listen}
  4. Ready To Fall {lyrics} {listen}
  5. Love Will Make It Certain {lyrics} {listen}
  6. Here I Am {lyrics} {listen}
  7. Little Life {lyrics} {listen}
  8. Beauty Of It All {lyrics} {listen}
  9. You In Me {lyrics} {listen}
  10. I Just Wanna Love Someone {lyrics} {listen}