The Actor’s Job

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The Actor’s Job

I believe that our society has become worn out.

You can only wait on tables, make widgets, or be somebody’s employee for so long until you become worn out. We are a go through the motions society, living not for living, but to avoid dying.

I believe it’s the lot of the actor to lift us from the monotonous. To take the journey of the discovery of the human soul and, like a mythic hero, bring back the Golden Fleece of humanity. Not just to “play” but to deeply embody the pain and struggle of the human life force under the strangling pressures of the de-humanizing nature of our society.

That is when the actor truly exemplifies his art form – when, through identification with his performance, we catch a revelatory glimpse of our spirit, and what it means to be human.

-Mark Hildreth

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