Chicago done, Toronto here I come!

Chicago and all the folks at Acen have been wonderful, and I’m looking forward to coming back next year! We had a great time together, and I had an amazing concert (those of you who were there, you know!)

If you missed it, you can catch me next in Toronto May 22-24. I’ll play a couple of shows there, and I hope you stop by, by a CD, take an autographed T-shirt, and say hello!


My Kind Of Town (Chicago is…)

I landed in Chicago yesterday and have been treated like royalty at Acen, the huge convention I am playing 2 concerts at. They expect 16,000 people through here this weekend, and I’ve had a great time. I even had fun watching the Chicago Blackhawks tie it up with 3 minutes left against my Vancouver Canucks at the United Centre, and then win it in overtime, and it was a GREAT time!! The fans here in Chicago LOVE their Hawks, and I had a great time with the ribbing I received after the game (I was wearing my Canucks jersey the whole time.)

Chicago is a great town, and the people here have been fantastic.


Chicago Concert Coming up!

I’ll be playing in Chicago next weekend! If anybody wants to buy some tickets, leave a comment in the forum and we’ll try to get you some!