I have been inspired by my time in Ireland shooting the Showtime series The Tudors to record a live solo version of an amazing Elton John song called Belfast. It really is a beautiful ballad about the struggles in Ireland and specifically the violence in Belfast, and I want to pay tribute to the enormous impact Elton John has had on my learning as s songwriter and performer.

I have to say, Elton John was the first artist to really inspire me to find my own voice as a songwriter. I think I was the only one in highschool listening to him, and I’m sao glad that I did. I have found a sense of emotion and passion in his music, especially the first 5 years of his professional career, that have stayed with me since then.

I’ll post my recording of Belfast soon, as well as some more solo versions of a few other songs also. I recorded a cover of Billy Joel’s Piano Man, In My Life by The Beatles, as well as a few of my songs: Sitting Beside, Ready To Fall acoustic, and a song I wrote about my two deaf grandparents after they died called Angels.