Back home

Happy new year to everyone, hope your new year’s were fun, and your days after’s were less than usually painful.

India was a real eye opener, and I have an appreciation for how that part of the world lives now. It is something you must see to beleive, and I would encourage anyone to go there and see it for themselves. It is a really valuable experiment.

Now, it’s on to making a documentary, getting Pvt. Wars off the ground, writing songs, working on my new album, READING!, and onwards and upwards! Good to be back!!!

With much love,


Merry Christmas from India!!

I am in India over the holiday, and what an AMAZING country! This is an incredible place, everywhere you look there is extreme contrast between rich and poor, healthy and sick, happy and discontent. A patchwork dichotomy of culture and poverty. We have so much in the West, and I am finding out exactly what that means here in this crazy world.

Every street is teeming with people, I don’t think I’ve been on a single road where there hasn’t been a throng of human activity. Beggars accost you every time you step out of your car. We are travelling through a few different parts of the country, partly by plane and partly by car, driving 5 hour trips, seeing the country as much as we can. What a history! Forts that have stood the test of time, animals everywhere, dust, and an incredible culture of religion and castism. I must say, the caste system seems ridiculous to me, since it keeps the ruling class in power and effectively destroys any chance of lower caste members increasing their potency in the world, and thereby their self-esteem. So it seems that, as a result, India has maintained much of it’s past, right into the present.

A very lucky boy am I to have this opportunity to see that world, and I wish everyone a beautiful holiday and much love and properity.