Working with Warne Livesey

I’m going into Warne Livesey’s private studio to work on 12 new songs this week! i’m really excited, because Warne is an amazing person, and a consumate professional. We are going to be working my songs, developing them, adjusting and crystalizing them so that they are as good as they can be; honing the context so that the story is told in the most effective way. This will be the first time I have gone through this process with my songs, working so closely with another musician with the raw song itself before we take it into the studio to be recorded. The plan is to record these new songs into an new album sometime around the end of the year! WOOHOOOO!!!!!

Also, I want to say a huge HI to all my new fans who have been joining me here on Myspace. Thanks for being a part of my world! Please feel free to post any of your thoughts or feelings on this blog, I love to read all of them!

Cheers y’all!!