Naturally 7 and Siddhartha

We’re one step closer to Naturally 7 singing on my new track Change Of Mind. We’re in touch with some contacts I know and we’re hoping to get them the rough mix to listen to some time in the next few weeks. VERY excited to hear what they think.

Also, the Siddhartha video is almost done now for real! Honest!! Chad Krowchuk is adding a whole animated element to the video, and it will be very cool, even cooler than before!!

Check back for updates!


New song almost ready for Naturally 7!

Preliminary work on Change Of Mind, my new single with producer Warne Livesey, is done. We’re now going to take the track to Naturally 7 and see if they are interested. If they are, we’ll record them some time in the next few weeks ideally, and have the track done by Spring. The song will have the feel of Justin Timberlake, Boyz 2 Men, and John Mayer.

Keep checking back for more updates!


Change Of Mind – new single!!

I’m going into the studio to begin work on Change Of Mind, a new single that I am going to record with my producer Warne Livesey. We are hoping to get the American acapella group Naturally 7 to perform the track, and to that end we have started work on the song in hopes that what we present to them will peak their interest. I recorded a demo version of the song at home, which consists almost entirely of acapella parts, with only a fender Rhodes part to back it up. We’re planning to create a sampled drum track to support the vocal percussion we plan to have, hopefully coming from the amazing vocal percussionist in the Naturally 7 group. Just something simple, a kick drum and some finger snaps, maybe some hand claps and a snare. I’m taking over the parts of the song, so that we can dissect what I did and write out the backing vocal parts for Naturally 7. Plus we plan to record the final lead vocal and electric piano parts, so we can send Naturally 7 the finished track that they will sing with.

I’m on the ferry on the way to Warne’s. I love this part. I always go out on the front deck, no matter how bad the Pacific Northwest weather is, because I love the pilgrimage to the studio. Making this journey out of the city is a unique privilege for me, because I know what awaits me on the other side – making music! YEAH!!