GREAT bands at MMC11 and NEW SONGS!

2 great things to tell you all about!

At the Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania, at the Dorado, Saturday February 17 at 9:00pm, I will be playing with none other than:

Michael Patrick Phelan!
and Jimmy Mancus!!

On the Friday night before us, you can see:

Gretchen Witt!
Kevin Steinman!
and Ian Franklin!

This will be a GREAT 2 nights of music, and I hope you can come and be a part of it!

Aaaand, in other news…………

I’ve posted 2 NEW demo versions of songs I have written on my website,, and also on Broadjam, so you can purchase them.

I will be posting a couple of new songs I’m working on over the next few weeks, as a lead-up to the gig in Pennsylvania.

Hope you like them!

Peace and love.


New “in progress” Songs

I have posted 4 new songs that are works in progress that might make it onto an album sometime soon. Please feel free to check them out on my website,

Be sure to go to the forum and post your thoughts!