Q&A: Mark Hildreth Talks RESURRECTION Season 2

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Q&A: Mark Hildreth Talks RESURRECTION Season 2

I caught up with RESURRECTION actor, Mark Hildreth to talk about his character, Pastor Tom on the ABC syfy drama. We talked about what direction he would like to see Tom go in this season, if we will hear any music from Mark in upcoming episodes, and what shows he’s currently watching.

Do you think Pastor Tom will continue to carry the pain of Rachel’s death next season? How will we see him deal with that? 

Mark Hildreth: In season 2, we’re going to see Tom stuck between his love for Rachel and his marriage to Janine. Tom has to figure out who he really is, and he makes some drastic choices right away to try to figure this out. But the situation with Rachel and their baby is going to make it really difficult, for everyone in Arcadia.

In the final scene we saw Jacob and Bellamy surrounded. Will Season 2 pick up right where we left off?
Yes, season 2 will start almost immediately after season 1 ended, though there are a lot of changes in Arcadia that will become apparent after the government has descended on the town. Life will never be the same for the residents of Arcadia. And the government arriving is just the beginning.

What direction would you like your character to take in season 2?
Tom is going to have to take a stand for what he believes in. His world was rocked by the appearance of Jacob, and later Rachel, and it put him into doubt about everything he thought he knew. Now he’s going to have to make some really hard choices.

In season one, we saw Tom’s faith in God start to waver. How does the mass appearance of the Returned affect his spiritual beliefs and life?
Tom was preaching the miracles of God for years before Jacob showed up. Then, when he saw his best friend re-appear before him – a real miracle – he couldn’t believe it could be true. This threw Tom into a spiritual crisis that he was never going to emerge from unscathed. Tom has to rediscover everything now.

You sing and have such a great voice; can we look forward to maybe hearing one of your songs on Resurrection sometime in the near future?
I would LOVE to see Tom lead the church in some music, and I have some perfect songs for us to sing too! Maybe you’ll hear something from one of my album Complex State Of Attachment or Signs Of Life on Resurrection some time!

Aside from Resurrection, what shows are you loving right now?
I’m loving Homeland, Game Of Thrones and The Killing!

You can watch Mark in RESURRECTION tonight at 9:00 on ABC.

Photo Credit: Marc Labrie.