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Please tell you friends about Signs Of Life, now available through this site and at Itunes!

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Hey guys, thank you all again for being so generous and being a part of my new album Signs Of Life. You are in the blood and bones of this record, and it makes it even more special for me that you are a part of it. Here is the list of Honorary Producers, who are getting credit as part of their donation to the making of the album. These people went above and beyond and I am deeply grateful to have you on my team!

Signs Of Life is available now through this site and at!!

Aliyah O’Brien
Paul Wright
Wendy Rosen-Brooks
Kate Twa
John Cassini
Meredith Pickering
Vibeke Bracke
Christophe Benasson
Raphael Mosley
J E R Marriott
Chris Sayour
Jim Edmondson
Alison Gilder
Gonzalo Acuna
Natalia Albert
Michelle Price
Jack B Kahuna
Sarah Edmondson
Bonnie Piesse
Charles Mesure
Angelica Hinojos
Brian Barham
Jonathan Wai
Shawn P Williams
Juan Lopez de Silanes
Franca DiCrescenzo
Jason A Begley
Shane Mottishaw
Leah Lim
Zen Shane Lim

Magic Spell Remixed video!

Magic Spell Remixed music video, directed by Tony Dean Smith is now live!

Check it out! And buy the new album Signs Of Life on Itunes and at!

New video on it’s way!!

On December 10, I will release my new album Signs Of Life, which has been 4 years in the making! In advance of this event, I’ll be releasing a new music video for one of the songs on the album, a remix of my first single Magic Spell, directed by Tony Dean Smith. Stay tuned for an update.