Florida Orange juice!

Oh yes, it really is tasty!

I had a great concert in Florida, again the fans were amazing, and I had a really good time. Too bad about the cold weather…ummmmm, no, it was really freekin hot!

good times. Hope to be back in Tampa again next year (or sooner) thanks to everyone who came out, and to the wonderful band Abney Park, who were instrumental (pardon the pun) in getting the show to function!


I’m in Tampa!

I just landed in Tampa Florida, gosh it’s hot here! How d you guys do it!

I’m looking forward to an amazing glass of orange juice with my breakfast! See you all at the concert Saturday night!


Shows all over the place!!

I’m now confirmed to play in the following cities at the following dates!

Boise, Idaho – March 14 2009 – Airport Holiday Inn

Rosemont, Illinois – May 9 2009 – Hyatt Regency O’Hare Convention Centre

Toronto, Ontario – May 23 2009 – Toronto Congress Centre

Vancouver, BC – June 13 2009 – Vancouver Trade and Exhibition Centre

Tampa, Florida – June 20 2009 – Tampa Convention Center

Winnipeg, Manitoba – July 25 – Winnipeg Convention Centre

Fort Wayne, Indiana – August 8 2009 – Grand Wayne Convention Center

Hope to see you there!!

With love,