Toronto has great fans!!

My show in Toronto at the convention centre was a huge success, mostly due to the amazing fans who have come out to support me and share in my vision for music!

Thank you to all of you who came to see me and whom I met after the show, your support and generosity is truly appreciated!

Join my Street Team at, and we’ll stay in touch!!


TO Toronto!

I’m in Toronto playing a big concert and what a fun time to be here. It is warm, the people are great, and I’m having a great time. Looking forward to playing as usual. I love to play for people, it is one of the greatest honors of my life. It is such a privilege to play for people, to have people spend their money and effort to come see me play, and to get to connect and relate with people is such a pleasure!



I’m looking forward to my upcoming gig at the Toronto Congress Centre May 23 and 24! hope to see you there!


On-to Toron-to!

Chicago was fun, and now it’s on to Toronto! I’ll be playing at the Toronto Congress Centre May 23-24, and I hope you can make it! Should be a great show, with a lot of people banging down the doors to get in! Stay afterwards and I’ll autograph a CD for you!

See you there!